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First Ray Designs has now collaborated with a nonprofit organization called InAtalent. InAtalent's mission is to spread joy by engaging communities - be it seniors or youth. Youth that are associated with InAtalent are making thoughtful and meaningful cards for the children in hospitals with an aim to bring MORE SMILES TO THE FACES OF CHILDREN IN HOSPITALS. Now we are able to donate not only sticker packs but also handmade cards for the children in hospitals.

If you are interested in volunteering and creating home made cards for children in hospitals please fill out this form. Volunteer hours will be awarded for this activity by InAtalent. 

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First Ray Designs has now collaborated with a nonprofit organization called Caitlin's Smiles. Caitlin’s Smiles encourages children with serious health challenges to explore their uniquely creative talents by taking part in arts and crafts activities. While creating feelings of self-worth and instilling confidence in these children, the efforts ultimately put smiles on the faces of everyone involved.

First Ray Designs is elated to be able to donate sticker packs and handmade cards which are included in the care packages being sent to the hospitals to bring smiles to terminally ill children in hospitals. 

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First Ray Designs has now collaborated with a nonprofit neighborhood cafe in Santa Clara, specializing in high quality matcha drinks, local espresso & coffee, and fruit & herbal drinks. Proudly supporting female owned businesses, Jiaren Cafe serves Ritual Coffee Roasters Coffee and sources products from other local female owned businesses. First Ray Designs diaplayed their products in the cafe as a teen women entrepreneur. Additionally, since the sticker designs were highly appreciated, we are running workshops to teach teens/adults how to create stickers using procreate. FRD and Jiaren are collaborating to donate coffee drinks with stickers to the local hospitals. 

@JiarenCafe showcasing me as a woman entrepreneur and letting me hold workshops


In the News

First Ray Designs is flattered by the recent recognition from the City of Cupertino. 

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